Letting Go, Living Free
A year-long healing journey and sacred walkabout
for the committed few

This deep dive one-one guided coaching program is available to anyone and is specifically designed for those who are at a crossroads due to:
grievous loss
midlife crisis 
This Journey is designed for you if you are experiencing any of the following:
  • Though a normal time of grieving has passed, you feel stuck in your heartbreak and unable to move on with your life
  • You feel like the past and old wounds weigh you down and keep you from living the life you were meant to live
  • Your inner critic is so strong and hostile that it keeps you stuck and you have given up on your passion, especially your creative outlets.
  • You've been sitting way too long with the question "now what?" or "Is this all there is?"

copyright(c)2007 Kathy J Loh, All rights reserved
If you give yourself the gift of this journey, you will:
  • Leave with a vision and map for the next chapter of your life. (That vision may even be of your legacy)
  • Gain the essential clarity, confidence and courage to carry out that plan
  • Understand your life has been on purpose and realize a new way to tell your story that you can embrace with grace and compassion
  • Move beyond suffering and past trauma, beyond being a victim of circumstance to being the creator of your reality
  • Have a greater capacity to navigate chaotic times from your center of power
  • Find relief from the grip of your hostile inner critic  
  • Connect with your higher self
  • Cultivate a grounded presence
  • Develop your intuition
  • Offer and receive forgiveness
  • Learn how to let go 

  • You are ready to put down blame and world-weariness and willing to be responsible for exploring, visioning, and mapping out a life that resonates with your true self
  • You are willing to be completely honest and compassionate with yourself, face your hostile inner voices and experience as well as offer forgiveness
  • You love to combine self-awareness work with being in nature and the outdoors
  • You enjoy quiet time for self-reflection and discovery
  • You can commit to a minimum of one hour daily and sometimes up to 5 additional hours weekly for fieldwork
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and agree to meet your commitment to participate in the journey to your highest potential
  • You are willing to travel to Northern California to meet with me personally for your two-day intensive, at your own expense
  • You have a spiritual hunger and want to engage in deeper coversations with your Self, Spirit and Soul and delight in the possibility of experiencing a more enchanted life filled with synchronicity
  • You are willing to stop fixing yourself as if you are broken or flawed in some way
  • You are too busy to invest a minimum of an hour daily and sometimes up to 5 additional hours a week on fieldwork
  • You are unwilling to invest the money on behalf of your Self
  • You want someone else to fix or heal you and tell you what to do rather than take the time to discover your own answers
  • You prefer to continue blaming other people and your circumstances for your problems
  • You don't like being outdoors in nature
  • You prefer excuses to keeping your promises or commitment
  • You cannot commit to a regular schedule of calls  
  • You are not willing to come to California for a two-day in-person intensive with me at your expense

Are you ready? Are you Willing?

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Letter received from a client who completed the journey with me:

Hi Kathy,

When I think back about our wonderful year together, I just sort of settle into a very sacred space. That is one of the things that was so astounding about our year together. You created such a big and beautiful sacred space where I felt so very safe. Safe to explore my connection with nature.
You journeyed with me into realms that I have never shared with anyone. And then you helped me translate what we found so I could deepen my understanding. Your vast knowledge was such a gift to me. We could explore what we discovered from so many rich perspectives.
And then, if that wasn't enough, you opened a portal for me to really discover my great story. In your gentle way I could finally see that some of my life epxeriences that I held as "horrible, painful events" and the people that were a part of them were actually gifts and teachers. Seeing my past as the gift that it is allows me to enjoy the freedom of my future.
Love you, Judy (San Francisco, CA)

One Client's Story and Testimonial
"The minute the door opened, my intuition told me something was different: an unusually quiet New York apartment, the dog cowering in the corner. My life partner was dead- a massive heart attack at 47. Life changed in that instant. I was alone-no longer part of a couple. His 13 year old son had lost his father.
During the last seven years, my journey has taken me to India for auyvedic therapies and yoga, grief counseling, recovery from alcoholism, awareness of New Thought spirituality, the encouragement and safety of a life coach.
I am blessed to be on a year long discovery with Kathy Loh, my trusted guide and inspiring coach.
This discovery has covered many topics and has been grounded with the establishment of frontiers and commitments. Grief, subtle as it was after years  of therapy, still masked my ability to live a fully engaged and participatory life. During our walkabout, grief surfaced on the heart frontier as an resolved aspect. In the most gentle but knowing voice, Kathy said to me. "You can live with a broken heart, you cannot live without a heart".
That wisdom has remained with me. I have shared it when I thought appropriate. The response is always the same. "I needed to hear that" or "I needed to hear that at just that time." Embracing my broken heart allows me to live my legacy and honor my values every day.
Today, that 13 year old boy is a senior in college and president of his fraternity. I have embarked on an exciting new career in service to others.  Together we honor his Dad's hopes for both of us. We know the fullness of  love and the possibilities of living amazing lives with broken hearts.
Kathy's wisdom was a key to the freedom of my spirit."   Ted Taylor, New York

Why hire me as your guide?

I have been on my own frontier for the past 10 years and I danced back and forth between that frontier and perceived safety for a good 10 years before that. I have been to the lowest place of hopelessness and back. Along the way, I have gathered a powerful bundle of tools, skills and experience, from healing arts, energy work, shamanism, coaching, teaching, creative arts, leadership and years of meditative, journaling and contemplative practice, to assist you.

I am a scout, an explorer, a wayfinder (as Martha Beck describes it) and I stand ready to walk beside you as you explore your own frontier. This is an opportunity for you to experience the magic of a friendly world, the peace that forgiveness brings an aching heart, the sublime satisfaction of knowing and receiving your own beauty, light and belonging.

You too can be an explorer, an adventurer of the wild frontiers of the imagination and the landscape of the soul, if you are willing to stay the path.

As your guide in the dreamtime of your walkabout, I will be the one who gently nudges you back on course, reminds you of your own creativity, resilience, beauty and resources. I will be the one who reminds you to rest and simply be for a moment until you find your center again. I will remind you when you need to lighten the load and have some fun. I will also nudge you when the energy of sacred reverence and responsibility is asking something more of you. We will explore that frontier together and I will stand at the threshold with you. In time, if you choose, you will enter the majestic landscape of your sacred dream.

My Story

Some of us edge our way over the threshold of change into our transformational journey the way someone works their way into the ocean, one tiny step, one inch of cool water against the skin at a time. Some of us get knocked sideways by a big wind and are forced to be on a journey we don’t even think we chose. Whether you choose it or it chooses you, you can be sure it is your soul’s desire and a huge opportunity for you to awaken to the more real you and the life you were truly meant to live.

Here is my story:

The average length of time between the first thoughts a woman has of divorce and when she actually does is about seven years. That’s how long it took for me:  actually even longer. I was afraid. My husband made the bulk of our income. I did not see how I could support myself and the lifestyle I lived by continuing to teach piano. It was fun as a part time gig, but full-time would’ve been exhausting. I always thought of divorce as failure and the image I had of me as a divorced woman was sitting at my kitchen table, hair in curlers in a chenille robe sipping a whisky on the rocks. Never mind that I don’t curl my hair, wear chenille robes or drink whisky. 

I didn’t know I was entitled to alimony. I stayed with him so long because it was tolerable. He didn’t beat me. We got along. We did fun things like mountain biking and hiking together. We rarely argued, mostly because I avoided confrontation and gave up asking for what I wanted. He cheated and brought home a check. I checked out and was in denial.

While training to be a life coach, I began to listen to and nurture the heart within me that yearned for a better life. I finally got up the courage to sit down with my husband and, tears flowing, I said, “I don’t want to be married to you anymore and I don’t know how I can make it on my own so I’m going to need your help.” I could hardly believe the request for help came out of my mouth. 

After some research and a conversation with a lawyer, I discovered that, having been married over 20 years, I was indeed entitled to alimony and 50% of accumulated wealth. Even though I knew it was fair, I felt guilty asking for it. I tried a solo road trip in my VW camper and our conversations while I was gone were so good I thought maybe we could work it out after all. But, as soon as I returned home, it was the same old same old.

A year after I tearfully asked for a divorce, we began the collaborative legal process. We were advised to stay in the same house together while in the process. It was excruciating. I began to box up the things that were mine without question. Then we’d sit down and go through books, CDs and the like and take turns taking what we wanted until they were divided. I had a girlfriend come over and help me pack. She kept my inner-hoarder in check. She reminded me that I would not want to be reminded of my old life. She was right, though it took me a little while to discover that.

I will never forget the day I moved and left the only man I’d loved or made love to for 30 years behind. I followed the moving van out of the driveway and as the wheels hit the asphalt of the street, I felt 100 pounds lighter and surprisingly exhilarated.

It took 18 months to finalize a very simple divorce. By then I’d moved again and lived in a new town. I’d left behind incredible and completely affordable health insurance, my designer house with the traffic-stopping landscape I’d help design. I left my cat, half of everything I once called mine, my town and community and my sense of identity as a married woman and being coupled. I closed my piano studio with twenty people on the waiting list and began to build my new business as a life coach. I think I had, maybe, 2 or 3 clients at the time. Even my fantasy of getting along with my ex after the divorce was shot full of holes by his incredible anger and resentment over the financial impact of community property. He said to me, “you should leave with absolutely nothing.”  Other than money, it came close to happening that way.

Sometimes I felt sorry for myself and fell into victim mode. Sometimes I felt martyred. But mostly I felt free and I had enough hope to begin to build a new life for myself. I settled into a small granny unit on a beautiful piece of property in the hills of Santa Cruz. I had the use of a pool, miles of private hiking trails to explore and neighbor dogs to join me on those walks. I could drive right up to the beach sand in my van and work in it as a temporary office. It didn’t really matter to me that most of my boxes were under tarps in the garage. All that mattered was tending to my broken open heart and my awakening.

I took so many workshops and participated in so many programs it would make your head spin. It did mine. I was free to explore and explore I did. I continued my meditation practice, explored nature up close with my camera, wrote and wrote and wrote. I came to know solitude as a powerful healing and evolutionary force. I strengthened my relationship with the Divine in ways I never expected. I tracked synchronicities and discovered they were not coincidences. I began to receive and read messages from nature.  I opened myself to receive the abundance of a friendly universe.

I  grew myself right out of the old me who cried herself to sleep every night for six months straight (no kidding) into someone I respect, appreciate, love and admire. I walked up to butterflies and asked “Do you recognize yourself or do you feel as strange about your new wings as I feel about mine?” I got a second lease on life and I can’t imagine where I’d be today if I’d given in to my fear and stayed in that marriage.

I moved twice again since those first healing years, and I continue the journey of healing and awakening. It is a way of life for me and I am happier than ever.  I had help along the way, but it was bits and pieces, scattered everywhere. I felt like I was putting together a jigsaw puzzle without the box to show me the picture. You don’t need to take the hit or miss trail like I did.

I believe you will heal in your own time, and I know that a catalyst like the sacred dream journey will help bring it all into focus for you, give you a powerful and solid foundation in body, mind, spirit and heart upon which to build the life you truly deserve.

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copyright(c)2010 Kathy J Loh, all rights reserved