Side Effects of Coaching

(according to a survey of 197 clients done by ICF in 1998)

  • Greater self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Set better goals
  • More balanced life
  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved quality of life
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Project completion
  • Health/fitness improvement
  • Better business and personal relationships

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How Does Coaching Work?

What the Sessions are Like

Coaching sessions are wonderfully convenient, because they are usually done by phone. You are not tied to working with a coach within driving distance unless, of course, that is your preference. Many people are skeptical of being coached over the phone and, after one session, fully embrace the method with a comment like "Wow! I wasn't sure about doing this on the phone, and it's great!"

We begin our coaching journey by designing our agreements, exploring your goals, discuss where you get stuck and your reasons for hiring a coach. We also begin to uncover your values and develop your visions.  I don't offer a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all program. I am a co-active coach which means we grant power to the coaching relationship and design the sessions around your agenda. And I will say that people who work with me are generally spiritually or metaphysically oriented. They are looking to craft a sacred (non-religious) life integrating body, mind, spirit and heart.

Most people meet with me for 55 minutes, twice a month. You have the option of meeting more frequently. Once a month is reserved for clients who are coaches or have had enough coaching previously and know themselves to be disciplined and responsible. It is advisable that you make an agreement with yourself to commit to at least 12 sessions so as to ride out the dip that often occurs about 6 sessions into coaching, when the excitement wears off and the rubber meets the road. 

Change takes time. Transformation is a journey.

Each week will be different. Sometimes you will be moving into action. Sometimes you will be celebrating successes and sometimes you will be settling into a deep presence and awareness of your internal dialogue and feelings.  Some weeks you will have "homework" that requires doing. Sometimes your homework will be more along the lines of internal reflection,  journaling, or simply noticing.

Coaching is not psychotherapy or consulting. We will not go back to your childhood and analyze how your parents and childhood circumstances made you what you are today. I will not make a diagnosis. If at any time it appears that therapy is warranted, I will refer you to the proper professional.  I generally will not offer advice, unless I am requested to do so, at which point, I will make it clear that I am not coaching, but consulting.

You are the one with the answers. You hold them in your heart.  

I help you reveal them to yourself and claim your right to choose your path in life. We work to uncover your limiting beliefs, release worn out personal, societal and familial myths and learn to outsmart the inner critic.

 It's about you, what you want and freeing yourself to take powerful action toward the incredible life you deserve to be living.

Being coached is challenging, rewarding and fun.  I create a very safe, nonjudgmental and truth-telling environment in which you get to explore all possibilities.

All sessions are 100% confidential. 

I abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.

(click here to read the ICF Code of Ethics)

What would you do today if you were not afraid?    



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