Does this sound like you?

I’ve been fortunate and I’ve had a good life so far. I have a great family, good career, but even though I appear successful, inside I feel like something is missing or there is something more for me to do with my life.

I am tired of feeling like a small ship tossed about in a big ocean whenever a crisis arises. . I want to be able to navigate the seas of chaos and crises with grace and balance.

I am getting older, nearing retirement and I don’t want to just age and fade away. I have so much to offer. I hear people talking about our “encore years” or becoming a wise elder. I want to explore what that means for me and put it into action.
I had a big change in my life. It felt like a big wind came and knocked me sideways, but I’ve mostly recovered now and I feel my new life calling me. I want to discover more about that calling and respond to it from a place delight and empowerment.
If you recognize yourself in these sentiments, then you are ready for a walkabout!

Living the Sacred Dream Walkabout

Assisted by intelligence of the heart, the voice of nature and the wisdom of silence


Living the Sacred Dream Walkabout is
a year-long one-on-one guided coaching journey
 that is designed specifically  to meet your needs
following the three-part structure of ancient wisdom teachings.
Releasing heart constrictions
Expanding into and embracing your wholeness
Embodying a new image and identity that is
in alignment with the truth of your higher self
What that means for you is:
Making peace with your past
Connecting with your soul and living into a larger self-image
From your new grounded presence, defining, shaping and navigating your destiny;
your legacy.

copyright(c)2007 Kathy J Loh, All rights reserved
The Walkabout was designed for you and is perfect for you if you are:
  • Are at a cross roads and want to purposefully chart your new direction in life
  • Want to experience a deeper, more soulful conversation with life
  • Want to make peace with your past
  • Long to experience a friendly and supportive world
  • Wish to expand your capacity for being with uncertainty
  • Would love to deepen your trust in your intuition
  • Desire to cultivate a more grounded, sacred presence
  The walkabout is designed to provide structure and context to
your unique and custom-designed journey.
  By way of coaching, guidance, ceremony, rituals, creative activities
designed specifically for you, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Gather the gifts of your life story
  • Find forgiveness and completion for dangling threads of the conversation with your past
  • Transmute select beliefs and choices that have you feeling stuck in habitual patterns
  • Unwrap the gifts of solitude and receive the knowing that you matter
  • Learn to play with whispers, winks, messages from the Mystery
  • Imagine, write, paint, collage, tell your new story
  • Rebuild your self-image as one who stars in that new story
  • Discover and engage in practices and habits that both delight you and serve the vitality and balance of your body, mind, spirit and heart
  • Reclaim your courageous self and explore outside your familiar box
  • Remember your wise, generous, loving self and be more of who you are in the world
  • Celebrate, appreciate yourself and others and engage more fully in life
   People are dedicating their individual journey to a specific purpose such as: 
  • Healing
  • Becoming a leader
  • Self-realization
  • Creative expression in arts
  • Creating a sacred life
  • Discovering a new career direction in a non-ordinary way

To what will you dedicate your journey?

 I have more to say, and if you are tired of reading and raring to go, scroll to the end to find out how you can connect with me and get going on your sacred life walkabout~ 

Here is what one Walkabout client has to say about his journey:
"The minute the door opened, my intuition told me something was different: an unusually quiet New York apartment, the dog cowering in the corner. My life partner was dead- a massive heart attack at 47. Life changed in that instant. I was alone-no longer part of a couple. His 13 year old son had lost his father.
During the last seven years, my journey has taken me to India for auyvedic therapies and yoga, grief counseling, recovery from alcoholism, awareness of New Thought spirituality, the encouragement and safety of a life coach. I am blessed to be on a year long discovery with Kathy Loh, my trusted guide and inspiring coach.
This discovery has covered many topics and has been grounded with the establishment of frontiers and commitments. Grief, subtle as it was after years  of therapy, still masked my ability to live a fully engaged and participatory life. During our walk about grief surfaced on the heart frontier as an resolved aspect. In the most gentle but knowing  voice, Kathy said to me. You can live with a broken heart, you cannot live without a heart".
That wisdom has remained with me. I have shared it when I thought appropriate. The response is always the same. I needed to hear that, or I needed to hear that at just that time. Embracing my broken heart allows me to live my legacy and honor my values every day.
Today, that 13 year old boy is a senior in college and president of his fraternity. I have embarked on an exciting new career in service to others.  Together we honor his Dad's hopes for both of us. We know the fullness of  love and the possibilities of living amazing lives with broken hearts.
Kathy's wisdom was a key to the freedom of my spirit."   Ted Taylor, New York

To create a conversation with life that is rich with the sacredness of all that you are and the magic of spirit, is to be vulnerably and beautifully open to an ongoing conversation with your soul and the Great Mystery. Nothing changes until we change. But do we really change? I think perhaps we remember.

We remove the layers of socialization, shame and judgment from family, schools, peers, culture, that weigh us down, make us fearful and dim our light. When we talk about change and transformation, I believe that instead of trying to become something we think we have yet to become, we actually become more of who we really are and were all along.

We are not trying to better a wrong and broken self. We are embracing our inherent goodness and wholeness; remembering our innocence.

I know that entering into the mystery of a deeper conversation with life can be both intoxicating and disorienting. There is a period of time when we may come to feel very alone on the journey. Perhaps, you’ve begun the journey before and turned back out of fear or aloneness. Our familiar sense of safety and security can be temporarily shaken as we explore new more empowering options for ways of being and doing.  It is a conversation that, as poet David Whyte says, is held on the frontier. That frontier is your very own frontier beyond the borderline of your habitual thoughts, feelings, and actions; beyond what you and others have set as your limitations. It is the frontier of your imagination and what you can imagine, you can create.

Why hire me as your guide?

I have been on my own frontier for the past 10 years and I danced back and forth between that frontier and perceived safety for a good 10 years before that. I have been to the lowest place of hopelessness and back. Along the way, I have gathered a powerful bundle of tools, skills and experience, from healing arts, energy work, shamanism, coaching, teaching, creative arts, leadership and years of meditative, journaling and contemplative practice, to assist you.

I am a scout, an explorer, a wayfinder (as Martha Beck describes it) and I stand ready to walk beside you as you explore your own frontier. This is an opportunity for you to experience the magic of a friendly world, the peace that forgiveness brings an aching heart, the sublime satisfaction of knowing and receiving your own beauty, light and belonging.

You too can be an explorer, an adventurer of the wild frontiers of the imagination and the landscape of the soul, if you are willing to stay the path. 

As your guide in the dreamtime of your walkabout, I will be the one who gently nudges you back on course, reminds you of your own creativity, resilience, beauty and resources. I will be the one who reminds you to rest and simply be for a moment until you find your center again. I will remind you when you need to lighten the load and have some fun. I will also nudge you when the energy of sacred reverence and responsibility is asking something more of you. We will explore that frontier together and I will stand at the threshold with you. In time, if you choose, you will enter the majestic landscape of your sacred dream.

How does it work?

While I supply a basic structure, the order of events, the wisdom teachings and resources, you and I will co-create customized activities, ceremonies, inquiries, rituals, and practices that suit your unique needs. No two journeys are alike. (That’s why I am not offering this as a group experience.) Some people object to ceremony and ritual, because it makes them uncomfortable. There really is no right or wrong here. We can create them together to be as lively, quiet, eccentric, or creative as you like.

The walkabout consists of 22 phone consultations of 55 minutes each, spaced about twice a month, with more frequent calls when needed. You will have fieldwork to do between calls.
In addition, we will meet face to face. For people who live locally, we have several wisdom walks and ceremonies together. For people who live at a distance, we will have two weekend one-on-one retreats. These will require that you make your own travel arrangements.

The walkabout requires your focus and caring. Our calls are the markers along the way, but the real journey is the work you do in between our connections.
Because of the advanced nature of this work and the commitment required, I will interview potential journeyers before accepting them into the program.
This is a complete and whole program. It cannot be broken into modules.


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